Projecta Dual Battery Charger 25A IDC25

Projecta Dual Battery Charger 25A IDC25

Allows you to charge your 12V second/auxiliary deep cycle battery on the go, simultaneously from solar and alternator (9-32V) inputs. Provides an advanced 3 stage charging process to produce a safe and comprehensive charge, a must for deep cycle batteries.

Over Temperature Protection –  The IDC25 will automatically adjust its output based on battery temperature, preventing overcharge and overheating in small batteries and hotter climates

Reverse Connection Protection –  The charge will detect and indicate reverse connection on the input output terminals, preventing damage to the unit.

Over and Under Voltage Protection – IDC25 will automatically shut down if it detects an over voltage or under voltage problem, preventing damage to the battery.

Spark Free Protection –  The unit will not begin charging unless the load is securely connected, preventing output leads from sparking due to short circuits.

Dual Input Operations – Simultaneous dual battery charging from both solar and alternator inputs, no manual switching required.

Dust, Splash and Shock Proof – Sealed to IP67, the unit is dust, water and shock damage proof.

80°C – The unit can safely operate (at reduced charge) in extreme temperatures.

Push Button Chemistry – Adjust the battery chemistry at the touch of a button to select the optimum charging algorithm.


  • Charge Type: 3 stage
  • Alternator Input Voltage: 9 – 32VDC
  • Max Solar Input: 28VDC, 385W
  • Output Current: Input 9-11VDC 20A, Input 11-32VDC 25A
  • Back Drain on Aux: 9.5 – 10.5 mA
  • Charger Control: Gel 14.1V, AGM 14.4V, Wet 14.7V, Calcium 15.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 75 – 300ah
  • Batteries Supported: Gel, AGM, Wet & Calcium
  • Warranty: 2 years


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