Projecta Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W 12V

Projecta Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W 12V

Projecta’s most powerful pure sine wave inverter, the IP2000 offers all the class leading features of the Intelli-Wave range with the added benefit of a sophisticated AC transfer switch. Delivering ultra clean power it is ideally suited to the demanding requirements of larger appliances often found in house boats, motor homes, caravans and so on.


  • Approve output socket
  • Remote control display
  • Peak Power Performance – 200% for e seconds, 140% capacity for 3 mins. Allows for effortlessly running demanding appliances such as fridges etc.
  • Shock and Dust Proof
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology – Produces ultra clean power, replicating what you would get from household mains power which is ideal for most sensitive equipment.
  • Automatic Temperature Control by fan
  • AC Transfer switch ensures seamless flow of power when switching between mains and battery power.
  • ECO mode reduces power consumption for extended battery run time
  • Safety cut out switch provided by a RCD to provide absolute protection for the user and devices


  • Input: 12VDC, 200A Max
  • No Load Current Draw: 10mA Eco
  • Output: 240VDC, 50Hz Pure Sine Wave
  • Output Power: 2000W Continuous (4000W Peak)
  • Efficiency: 85-95%
  • Low Battery Alarm: 10.25V
  • Shutdown: 9.75W
  • Thermal Shutdown: 65°C
  • Fuse: 350A Megafuse
  • Ideal Battery Size: 85 – 400AH
  • Run Time with 2000W on 85AH battery: 5 mins
  • Run Time with 100W globe on 85AH battery: 7 hours

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