Secondary Battery Systems – Installed

Secondary Battery Systems - Installed

Bull Motor Bodies offer several options to keep your accessories running when you are on your adventure!

The ideal system will have most of the accessories connected to the auxiliary battery (deep cycle). This will prevent power being drained from your primary battery leaving it ready to start your vehicle when needed. When starting the vehicle the charging unit will sense the charge from the alternator and will initiate the selected charging pattern.

Charger Options

  • Both Redarc and Projecta Charging units are offered by Bull Motor Bodies with capacity determined by battery bank size and current requirements.

Battery Options

  • Standard Batteries include – Fullriver 120AH AGM Deep Cycle, Bosch S4 Calcium, Century 105AH AGM, Century 120AH AGM, Century 130AH AGM, Century Wet Cell 100AH N70, Century Wet Cell 95AH N70ZZX
  • Optional batteries available on request but may be restricted by size requirements of toolbox etc

Solar Options

  • Multiple solar panels are available. Sizes are determined on fitment location therefore it is recommended you speak with the team to determine your requirements

Fitments Position

  • Secondary Battery Setups can be fitted inside vented underslung toolboxes or internally against the headboard of your canopy
  • Emergency override systems can be fitted which allow you to start your vehicle by connecting the two batteries together. Ideal if you have accessories running from your primary battery.

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