3 Reasons To Use A Fleet Canopy Transfer Service


You invest in your canopies – so why dispose of them when your light vehicles hit 150,000 K’s? Transfer them from vehicle to vehicle instead.

Did you know almost any chassis-mounted fleet product can be transferred to a brand new vehicle? From tray systems to full canopies, everything we make at Bull Motor Bodies is designed to have several lives. That way, the initial investment keeps paying off, life after life.

There are so many reasons to make use of this option as a Fleet Manager – the key one being that there is plenty of useful life left in the canopy asset that has usually been amortised on the first vehicle.

We’ll go through a few of them in this post, so you really understand what you’re missing out on next time you trade-in. Here are the top three reasons you should use a fleet transfer service next time your vehicles hit 150,000 kms.

1. Invest intelligently

It’s best to treat your light vehicle upgrades as an investment, not as a one-off cost. The number one reason for using a fleet transfer service for your canopy is protecting your investment and sweating your asset for longer. It also means the investment you make in your fleet (e.g. canopies, trays and boxes) keeps paying back.

Let’s break down the costs involved:

Say you go with a van that costs $15,000 to kit out. In three years, it’s hit 150,000 kms and you trade-in. Amortized over the three years, that set-up cost adds up to $5,000 per vehicle, per year.

Instead, say you spend $15,000 on a Bull set-up – but you get a 10-year lifecycle out of it by transferring it to your new vehicle twice (three lives). If you transfer twice and each transfer costs $3,500, your total transfer cost is $7,000. In total then, that canopy cost you $22,000 – but amortized over the ten-year lifecycle, it only costs $2,200 per vehicle, per year. That’s a whopping 66% lower than the $5,000 per year option. This longer-term ‘investment view’ makes the canopy investment a smart commercial decision – and an easy one for a Fleet Manager to sign off on, as it’s a long term asset that’s also going to make their team safer and more efficient.

2. Make changes and get a full refurb

Another key benefit of transferring is the option to refurbish and reconfigure. If your requirements have changed – maybe you don’t need some of the original set-up anymore, or you’d really benefit from some upgrades – you can always reconfigure your set-up when you transfer it. It virtually doesn’t matter what vehicle you select, any chassis mounted Bull product can be re-fit onto any make and model of light vehicle available for sale in Australia. That’s because our bases are standardised across our range to suit all vehicles on the market, and our mount system is universal. As long as you go from single cab to single cab or dual cab to dual cab, your canopy goes with you. Additionally, we do a full refurb every time we transfer – that means the module gets new hardware, new seals, a paint job if needed and a full service.

3. Don’t lose an opportunity

By now you’ve probably realised that opting for a fleet transfer enhances your return on invested capital – but there’s a reason to do it with Bull. We make fleet transfers as efficient as possible because we understand the opportunity loss to your business without a vehicle.

While the standard fleet transfer method can take several weeks or even months, the Bull method is just 7-14 working days on average. That’s only possible because we’re heavily involved in the new vehicle process, which means we can liaise with the dealership to make sure they’re complete before they get to us. By the time a new vehicle gets to Bull, all we need to do is sort out the wiring, install new mounts and transfer the module. While we’re at it, we also clean out your old vehicles so they’re ready for resale – another huge time saver.

Put together, the cost savings, time savings and modification opportunities awarded by fleet transfer make it the smart choice for any Fleet Manager. It’s also the smart choice for any business owner, or even an individual adventurer – we transfer for any valued patron of Bull.

Are you thinking about transferring a canopy? Reach out to the team at Bull today – we’ll make sure you’re ready to get back on the road in no time.

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